Mike's Tea Rating

Michael Harney rates many of our teas on three attributes. A rating of 0 indicates the tea has none of that particular characteristic, and a rating of 5 indicates that it is a primary characteristic.

Briskness refers to a tea's ability to make your mouth pucker, also known as astringency. Some astringency makes tea brisk & desirable (like white wine). Too much briskness can be a problem, but may be controlled by reducing the brewing time.

Body refers to whether or not a tea feels thick in the mouth such as Assam or light such as a white tea. Sometimes this body comes from dissolved solids from the leaves like the Assam, and sometimes it is from all the amino acids like Ichiban Sencha.

Aroma refers to whether or not the tea has a pleasant smell, often the most prized partof tea. That makes sense, since humans can smell much better than we can taste. Sometimes the pleasant smell is teased out of the tea leaf by a skilled tea maker, sometimes it is flavour blended in here by our blenders.