Harney Fine Teas Latest Arrivals

Decaf Paris 1lb

Nighttime tea lovers may enjoy Decaf Paris, our alternative version of Paris, one of Harney & Sons' most popular and talked-about blends.


Cherry Blossom 50 Sachet

Try our Cherry Blossom blend of green teas and the vibrant flavour of plump, fragrant cherries. Inspired by an April visit to Tokyo, it's like a springtime awakening of the senses.


Rose Scented 50 Sachet

Our memorable blend of large leaf tea from China, is decorated with rose flavour and soft pink rosebuds.


Very Berry Matcha 50 Sachet

An exquisite, innovative twist on matcha that'll appease even the most traditional fans of the brew.


Permanent Tea Filter

The stainless steel affects neither taste nor aroma, so every pot is guaranteed to contain nothing but pure, fresh-brewed goodness.


Ginger Lemon 1lb

A caffeine free herbal with Ginger & lemon. A delightfully simple herbal blend, both spicy and slightly sweet.


Blueberry Green 50 Sachet

For Blueberry Green, we've artfully blended Chinese green tea with lemongrass, blueberry, and vanilla.


Jasmine 50 Sachet

The base of our Jasmine is a Pouchong tea, which is slightly browner than green tea. We add fresh jasmine flowers to create a delicate and fragrant brew.


Matcha 30g

Powdered green tea, now available in a more affordable size. Powdered green teas have been consumed in China and Japan for centuries. We enjoy the bracing vegetal flavours, as well as the unusual process for preparing the tea.


Stack Teapots

The latest teapots we have to offer, available in a variety of fun colours.


The Met - Garden Therapy

Garden Therapy Herbal consists of chamomile, peppermint, and verbena.


The Met - Hot Apple Spice

The duality of sweetness and spice makes for an irresistible cup--as pleasant as a mural in a museum.


The Met - British History

Each cup is a tribute to England's initial fascination with tea, which would be the start of flavours and renditions to come.


Lunar New Year

Throughout Asia during the Spring Festival, also known as the Lunar New Year, people welcome a change in season and what it brings: new beginnings.


Birthday Party

Birthday Tea combines luscious fruit and berry flavours with flowers to create a delightful and yummy crimson cup of tea worthy of a celebration.


Raspberry Mojito

The winner of our 2019 Blend Contest, our all-new Raspberry Mojito offers a refreshing, caffeine-free brew full of bright, fruity notes.


New England Breakfast

An American homage to the classic Breakfast Tea.


Mothers Day

Mother's Day is a beautiful and refreshing caffeine-free herbal blend created in honour of all mothers.


Valentines Day

Keep the romance alive and enjoy this special tea with your special someone throughout the year.


Indigo Punch

Colourful and full of crisp, fruity flavours, our new Indigo Punch combines the delicate tang of rosehips and apple pieces with the earthy tones of a gorgeous butterfly pea flower.