Harney Fine Teas Latest Arrivals

Indigo Punch

Colourful and full of crisp, fruity flavours, our new Indigo Punch combines the delicate tang of rosehips and apple pieces with the earthy tones of a gorgeous butterfly pea flower.


Organic Earl Grey Supreme

A blend of black teas from India, scented with natural, lemony bergamot from the Mediterranean.


Raspberry Herbal Wrapped Sachets

Very colourful, finely cut pieces of red hibiscus & rosehips, and green raspberry leaves blend together to create this deep, ruby red herbal drink.


Decaf Hot Cinnamon

We've had numerous requests for a decaffeinated version of our Hot Cinnamon Sunset, and we are happy to say it is now available! Same assertive flavour, only decaf!


CTC Assam

Our CTC Assam has a striking amber colour, rich flavour, and is full bodied.


Organic Bancha

From China, we bring you Organic Bancha green tea. It is made in the Japanese fashion of steam fixing. Light and clean tasting.


Spiced Plum 1lb

People love the mixture of dark fruity plum flavours contrasted by the spice of cinnamon, and lack of caffeine.


Viennese Earl Grey

Viennese Earl Grey is a graceful variation - it has a Darjeeling base, so it is lighter than other Earl Grey versions.


Victorian London Fog

Victorian London Fog was the winning blend in our customer creation contest! Thousands of blends were submitted and we let you all choose between the top 5 flavours!