Black Currant

Our first flavoured tea, Black Currant combines a robust base of bold black tea with big, fruity berry flavors. Known as a traditional favourite in fine restaurants across the United States, this full-bodied tea draws exquisite depth from currant pieces and black currant flavours, making it a pleasure to enjoy as a summertime cool-off.

Ingredients: Black tea, currants, black currant flavour. Contains natural flavours.

Tin measures 90mm X 90mm X 120mm and contains 6 pouches of the finest iced tea.

  • 50 Sachet Refill Bags - Black Currant
    Contains 50 luxurious pyramid silken sachets
    $40.00 - +
    Item Number: 50512
  • HT Tins - Black Currant
    Contains 20 luxurious pyramid silken sachets
    *Out of stock*
    Due: 17th May
    Item Number: 31624
  • Iced - Black Currant Iced Tea
    Contains 6 pouches of the finest iced tea
    $19.95 - +
    Item Number: 21209