Blood Orange

A bold new member of our iced tea collection, Blood Orange packs the exquisite flavours of a delicious herbal tea with the relaxing, refreshing character of fruity infusions. This fruity blends brews up to show a brilliant red colour and mouthwatering aroma that foregrounds boldly fruity flavors with a hint of tang. Each tin includes 6 easy to brew iced tea pouches—just brew a pouch and pour over ice for 1.8 ltr of beautifully tangy iced tea.

Ingredients: Apple, orange peel, rose hips, hibiscus, beetroot, safflowers, marigold petals, blood orange flavour, raspberry flavour, grapefruit flavour, orange flavour. Contains natural flavours.

Tin measures 90mm X 90mm X 120mm and contains 6 pouches of the finest iced tea.

  • Sample Pack - Blood Orange
    Contains a generous portion of the finest tea
    $2.00 - +
    Item Number: SAMPLER
  • Fruit Teas - Blood Orange Fruit Tea - 4oz / 115gms
    Contains 4oz/115gm of the finest loose leaf tea
    $19.90 - +
    Item Number: 46995
  • Iced - Blood Orange Iced Tea
    Contains 6 pouches of the finest iced tea
    *Out of stock*
    Due: TBA
    Item Number: 21218