Our Raspberry Herbal tisane is a mixture of rose hips, hibiscus, orange peel and raspberry flavour that produces a bright, great-tasting tea. It looks especially tempting when brewed in a glass teapot and served at parties. Enjoy it hot or iced.

Ingredients: Rose hips, hibiscus, orange peel, raspberry flavour, apple pieces, lemon peel, spearmint, raspberry flakes, peppermint.
Contains natural flavours.

Foil bag which has a resealable top and contains 1lb/450gm of the finest loose leaf tea.

  • Sample Pack - Raspberry
    Contains a generous portion of the finest tea
    $2.00 - +
    Item Number: SAMPLER
  • Loose Leaf Refills - Raspberry Herbal
    Contains 1lb/450gm of the finest loose leaf tea
    $45.00 - +
    Item Number: 41674