Inspired by the impeccable desserts offered up in Japan's stunning capital city, Tokyo is a delightful green tea blend. We began with bright bancha, and added savoury flavors of toasted sesame seeds and a swirl of sweet caramel. The result is a smooth and refreshing brew that's just desserty enough to be indulgent in the best way. Especially delicious enjoyed plain so that the dual flavors of sesame and caramel can shine.

Ingredients: Bancha green tea, toasted sesame seeds, caramel flavour.

Foil bag which has a resealable top and contains 1lb/450gm of the finest loose leaf tea.

  • Sample Pack - Tokyo
    Contains a generous portion of the finest tea
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  • Loose Leaf Refills - Tokyo
    Contains 1lb/450gm of the finest loose leaf tea
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    Item Number: 41857