Indigo Punch

Colourful and full of crisp, fruity flavours, our new Indigo Punch combines the delicate tang of rosehips and apple pieces with the earthy tones of a gorgeous butterfly pea flower. Bright lemongrass, lemon peel, and vivid raspberry round out the palate of this beautiful brew, along with natural honey flavour for a touch of sweetness.

Apple pieces, rose hips, butterfly pea flower, lemon peel, lemongrass, raspberry flavours and honey flavour. Contains natural flavours.

Tin measures 70mm X 70mm X 95mm and contains 2oz/55gm of the finest loose leaf tea.

  • Sample Pack - Indigo Punch
    Contains a generous portion of the finest tea
    $2.00 - +
    Item Number: SAMPLER
  • Loose Leaf Tins - Indigo Punch - 2oz / 55gms
    Contains 2oz/55gm of loose leaf tea
    $19.90 - +
    Item Number: 48151