Lull Away

Drift off on sleep's swift wings with a cup of Lull Away on the nightstand. Flavours of organic nutmeg and spearmint layer atop a sleep-enhancing blend of lavender, a gentle zing from lemon balm, and earthy organic chamomile for a warming infusion that's delicious both plain and sweetened. Pair with a crunchy biscuit for dunking or a drizzle of honey and sip from your favourite mug in the evening before bed.*

Ingredients: Organic lemon balm, organic chamomile, organic nutmeg, organic spearmint, organic lavender.

Foil bag which has a resealable top and contains 50 luxurious pyramid silken sachets of the finest loose leaf tea.

  • Sample Pack - Lull Away
    Contains a generous portion of the finest tea
    $2.00 - +
    Item Number: SAMPLER
  • 50 Sachet Refill Bags - Organic Lull Away
    Contains 50 luxurious pyramid silken sachets
    *Out of stock*
    Due: 31st Jan
    Item Number: 51007
  • Organic Wellness - Lull Away
    Contains 20 luxurious pyramid silken sachets
    $24.95 - +
    Item Number: 33002